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Import NITTO on the East and the low pressure usin

Date:2016/7/16 13:44:06

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Low Pressure (liquid water.) Type:
1, miniature quick couplings
PH mounting Hose: MC-03PH, MC-04PH
SH mounting Hose: MC-03SH, MC-04SH
PM mounting nuts: MC-05PM
SM mounting nuts: MC-05SM
PM mounting nuts: MC-10PM
SM mounting nuts: MC-10SM
PHL mounting L-type hose: MC-04PHL
SHL mounting L-type hose: MC-04SHL
SHB mounting Panel with: MC-04SHB


An outer diameter of 9.5mm compact, lightweight design!
Just insert the One-touch connection can be connected.
● sleeve with valve, but the outer diameter of only 9.5mm.
● can simply press the One-touch connection.
● space-saving design is suitable for limited space inside the piping work.
● body made of chrome-plated brass and stainless steel, corrosion resistance.
● widely applicable to a variety of uses compressed air installation shape standardization.
Note) When the sleeve and the plug from the plug end of the separation of a fluid flow, when water is used as fluid needs attention.



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