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VXV010B30 Shike PISCO VY centralized vacuum genera

Date:2016/7/29 19:52:43

Product Description:

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VU, VB, VM, VC, VH, VS, VY-type vacuum generator
• Use compressed air to create a vacuum in the vacuum generator can be used in combination with vacuum cups, transporting material.
• having various types of vacuum generators of various properties to meet your application requirements.
VY-friendly new products
• Compared with the conventional vacuum generator with solenoid valves, this product is more focused on cost-effective.
• In the ejection device stops the intake air flow while generating the damage, ensure that the work is released.
Compared with a conventional stand-ejection device, enabling high-speed cycle by loading the shut-off valve.
• This product is small in size, lighter weight, so that it can be mounted at the end ejector vacuum circuit.
• failure mechanism with ejection means as a single entity.
By opening and closing the air supply to the device can be completely converted to the air generated by the vacuum release device.
Vacuum generator Model:
VY vacuum generator with failure mechanism, muffler
VYH05-444 VYH05-666 VYH07-444 VYH07-666 VYL05-444 VYL05-666
VYL07-444 VYL07-666 VYE05-444 VYE05-666 VYE07-444 VYE07-666
VY belt failure mechanism, muffler and vacuum filter vacuum generator
VYH05-444F VYH05-666F VYH07-444F VYH07-666F VYL05-444F VYL05-666F
VYL07-444F VYL07-666F VYE05-444F Dongguan 13143228681 VYE05-666F VYE07-444F VYE07-666
VY vacuum generator with failure mechanism, centralized exhaust
VYH05-444J VYH05-666J VYH07-444J VYH07-666J VYL05-444J VYL05-666J
VYL07-444J VYL07-666J VYE05-444J VYE05-666J VYE07-444J VYE07-666J
VY vacuum generator with failure mechanism, centralized vacuum and exhaust filters
VYH05-444JF VYH05-666JF VYH07-444JF VYH07-666JF VYL05-444JF
VYL05-666JF VYL07-444JF Dongguan 13143228681 VYL07-666JF VYE05-444JF VYE05-666JF
VYE07-444JF VYE07-666JF

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