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Imported from Japan's Shin-Etsu ShinEtsu KF-2005_

Date:2016/7/16 11:55:50

Product Description:

  Imported from Japan's Shin-Etsu ShinEtsu_KF-2005_ release paper from the type of

Silicone oils: dimethyl silicone oil (KF-96L, KF-96A, KF-96, KF-96H, KF-69, KF-965, KF-968)
Cyclic dimethyl silicone oil: KF-995, phenylmethyl silicone oil (KF-54, KF-50, HIVAC F-4, HIVAC F-5, KF-56A,)
Hydrogen-containing silicone oil: KF-99
Synthetic grease: grease (G-30 series, G-40 series, G-420, FG-720 series, G-411, G-501, G-6500, G-330 series, G-340 series, G -350 series, G-630 series), synthetic oils (KS-62F, KS-62M, KS-63W, KS-64F, KS-64, KS-63G, KS-609, KS-613, G-747, X-23-7795, G-765, G-750, G-751, X-23-7762, X-23-7783D, KS-660, KS-660B, HIVAC-G, KS-622, KS-65A, KS-623, KS-650N, KS-651) Wang Dan: 13717093336
Fiber-treating agent: quality style modifier (Polon MF-14, Polon MF-14D, Polon MF-14EC, Polon MF-29, Polon MF-44, Polon MF-52, Polon MF-18T, Softenerseal 10, Polon MF- 17, Polon MF-32, KM-2002L-1, KM-2002T, Polon MF-56), a hydrophobic agent (Polon MK-206, KS-7002, Poloncoat E, Polon MF-33A), fiber oil (Polon MNST, Polon MF-9C), SR-processing agent / water absorption process agent (Polon SR-Conc, Polon SR-Conc-2, Polon MF-13, Polon MF-53,), special processing agent (SILFIX, Polon MF-28 , KS-731, Polon MF-50) Wang Dan: 13717093336
Release agent: emulsion (KM-9736, KM-9737, KM-9738, KM-9739, KM-722T, KM-740T, KM-742T, KM-860A, KM-862T, Sylvester karst U), oil (KF-96, KF-965, KF-54, KF-410, KF-412, KF-4701, KM-244F, KS-61), solution type (KS-702, KS-725, KS-707), sintered (KS-700, KS-7201, SEPA-COAT), spray-type (KF-96SP, KF-412SP, KF-965SP, RELEASE)
Release paper from the type: Wang Dan: 13717093336
General industrial use (KS-776A, KS-839L, KS-847T), light peeling (c, c, KS-778), re-peeling (KS-830, KS-3502), KS-723A / B, peeling control (KS-3800), films (KS-774, KS-3703), a high concentration of the coating (KS-835, KS-847), emulsion (KM-3951, KM-768, X-52- 170, X-52-179), solvent-free and molding (KNS-3051, KNS-303, KNS-320A, KNS-316, KNS-3002, KNS-3300), UV-curable (X-62-7622, ??X -62-7052, KF-2005), UV cured films (KS-5508)
Defoamers: KM-71, KM-72S, KM-73, KM-73A, KM-73E, KM-75, KM-85, KM-89, KM-90, KM-98, KM-7750, X- 50-992, KM-7752, KS-508, KS-530, KS-531, KS-537, KS-538, KS-540, KS-66, KS-69, X-50-1090B, KS-7704S, FA-630, KF-96, KS-7708, FA-600, KS-602A, KS-7709) Wang Dan: 13717093336
Foam stabilizer: F-628, F-607, F-606, F-242TL, F-502, F-350S, F-506, F-121)
Silicone pressure sensitive agent: KR-100, KR-101-10, KR-130, KR-3700, KR-3701, X-40-3102, X-40-3229, KR-3006A / BT, X-40- 3501, KR-105, X-70-201S) Wang Dan: 13717093336
Silicone resin
Pure silicone resin (KR-220L, KR-240, KR-242A, KR-271, KR-282, KR-311), a modified silicone resin (KR-216, KC-89S, KR-500, KR- 511, KR-213, KR-510, KR-9218), a silicone polyester resin (KR-5230, KR-5235), Wang Dan: 13717093336, silicone alkyd resin (KR-5206), silicone epoxy resin (ES-1001N, ES-1002T, ES-1023), a silicone acrylic resin (KR-9706), a silicone coating agent (KR-400, KR-251, KR-255, KR-112, KR-114A , KR-285), the sleeve and fabric treatment (KR-2706, KR-165, KR-166, KR-169, KR-2038), a binder (KR-101-10, KR-120), followed by agent (KR-105) Wang Dan: 13717093336
Coating additives: anti-friction (KP-301, KP-302, KP-306), vertical profile agent (KP-310, KP-310B,), leveling agent (KP-321, KP-323, KP-324, KP -326, KP-340, KP-341), anti-stick back plywood (KP-360A, KP-361, KP-354, KP-355, KP-356, KP-357, KP-358, KP-359, KP -362, KP-365, KP-366, KP-368, KP-369), anti-foaming (KP-330, KP-331, KS-508), adhesion agents, moisture resistance agent (KP-390, KP-391 , KP-392)
Silicone powder: silicone powder (KMP-600, KMP-601, KMP-602, KMP-605, X-52-7030), an organic silicone rubber powder (KMP-597, KMP-598, KMP-594, X- 52-875), an organic silicone rubber powder (KMP-590, KMP-701, X-52-854, X-52-1621),
RTV mold rubber: KE-12, KE-14, KE-17, KE-111, KE-1222 (A / B), KE-1241, KE-113, KE-24, KE-26, KE-1414, KE -1415, KE-1416, KE-1417, KE-1417, KE-1300T, KE-1310ST, KE-1314, KE-1600, KE-1603 (A / B), KE-1606, nano-printing technology and printing blankets by (SIM-260, SIM-240, SIM-360), Wang Dan: 13717093336
Building coating agent: S COAT-57, S COAT-58, Wang Dan: 13717093336
Silicone rubber mix: KE-655-U, KE-675-U, KE-931-U, KE-941-U, KE-951-U, KE-961-U, KE-971-U, KE- 981-U, KE-961T-U, KE-971T-U, KE-9410-U, KE-9510-U, KE-9610-U, KE-9710-U, KE-742-U, KE-752- U, KE-762-U, KE-772-U, KE-782-U, KE-850-U, KE-870-U, KE-880-U, KE-890-U, Wang Dan: 13717093336, KE -9590-U, KE-5590-U, KE-552-U, KE-582-U, KE-552B-U, KE-555-U, KE-575-U, KE-541-U, KE-551 -U, KE-561-U, KE-571-U, KE-581-U, KE-594, KE-597, KE-520-U, KE-530B-2-U, KE-540B-2-U , KE-1551-U, KE-1571-U, KE-153-U, KE-174-U, KE-3601SB-U, KE-3711-U, KE-3801M-U, KE-5612G-U, KE -5620BL-U, KE-5620W-U, KE-5634-U, KE-7511-U, KE-7611-U, KE-7711-U, KE-765-U, KE-785-U, KE-7008 -U, KE-7005-U, KE-503-U, KE-5042-U, KE-505-U, KE-6801-U, KE-136Y-U, fluoro silicone rubber: FE-251-U, FE -261-U, FE-271-U, FE-351-U, FE-361-U, FE-451-U, SEP rubber: SEP-1711-U, SEP-1721-U, SEP-1731-U
The LIMS (Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Rubber): KEG-2000-40 (A / B), KEG-2000-50 (A / B), KEG-2000-60 (A / B), KEG-2000-70 (A / B), KEG-2001-40 (A / B), KEG-2001-50 (A / B), KE-1950-10 (A / B), KE-1950-20 (A / B), KE-1950 -30 (A / B), KE-1950-35 (A / B), KE-1950-40 (A / B), KE-1950-50 (A / B), KE-1950-60 (A / B ), KE-1950-70 (A / B), KE-1935 (A / B), KE-1987 (A / B), KE-1988 (A / B), KE-2014-30 (A / B) , KE-2014-40 (A / B), KE-2014-50 (A / B), KE-2014-60 (A / B), KE-2019-30 (A / B), KE-2019-40 (A / B), KE-2019-50 (A / B), KE-2017-30 (A / B), KE-2017-40 (A / B), KE-2017-50 (A / B), : The trading company also Acting CEMEDINE glue, CHEMITECH glue, KYODOYUSHI oil, SUZUKIYUSHI oil and other products.
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